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Re: [ga] General Comments on the agenda

Yo Gordo, 

Grow up.  Not everyone is intent on destroying things they don't agree
with, but instead try to act constructively. 


Gordon Cook wrote:
> Oh yes "DR" Carrington......   Shall I start signing my posts "Dr"
> cook? ..... I have a PhD in Russian history, after all.  I well note
> Michael Froomkins quotes and his increasing frustration at the
> cavalier handling he receives at the hands of CORE ISOC crowd.
> Your process is not a process but a travesty.  You expect defference
> from me after Jonathan's talking to Michael Froomkin like that?
> Laughable.  One thing my Russian history is good for is spotting a
> Soviet style operation when one presents itself.  You have
> predetermined the outcome.  if you knew or cared about the internet
> you would distance yourself from this travesty.
> Bring on the generalissimo sola and throw me off the list if you like
> ..... I was placed on it without any request on my part.