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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Javier, what are you doing?

Mark and all,

  I think it is pretty plain what is going on.  Javier and other members
of the pNC/NC, very much like the ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board are
playing the old "Shell Game" and using various mailing lists to
accomplish their goals of selective exclusion, so as to effectively STACK
the working groups with CORE/PAB/POC/ISOC folks.

  This is one of the reasons that I suggested that the IDNO set up
it's own working groups where applicable.

Mark C. Langston wrote:

> Javier, I'm confused.
>   First, you complain about people crossposting to wg-c as well as wg-c-1.
>   Then, you personally post one of these crossposts to wg-c-1, even
> though you've claimed that everyone there would have already received it
> not once, but twice.
> ( http://www.dnso.org/wgroups/wg-c-1/Archives/msg00050.html ).
>   For the past day at least, conversations have been taking place regarding
> the mechanism for determining consensus, without a decision on the
> mechanism.
>   Last night, you make a call for consensus on one of the questions before
> wg-c-1 ( http://www.dnso.org/wgroups/wg-c-1/Archives/msg00058.html ).
> Before, I note, a co-chair for the WG exists, when the model currently
> under consideration for determining consensus involves the chairs and
> a Reporter (a position which also has not yet been filled).
>   Yesterday afternoon, I request to be added to wg-c-1, and a few
> hours later, I request that I be added to wg-c-2.
>   Last night, you add me only to wg-c-2, with no explanation.
>   I'm bothered enough that the pDNC has appointed you, a signatory of the
> gTLD-MoU, a member of the BoT of ISOC, a member of the PAB and POC, as
> the chair of the group that will decide questions regarding the existence
> and management of gTLDs.  It troubles me further that you also control
> the subscription processes surrounding this WG, which you've broken into
> 4 seperate lists.
> What, exactly, is going on here?
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