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Re: [ga] Possible Agenda Items for General Assembly meeting

> 2.) The immediate recognition formally of the IDNO. 

Such a request would have more credibility and weight if it came from an
elected representative of the IDNO.
Fortunately the IDNO can speak for itself.
We would like to raise as agenda points prior to the physical Santiago

The Individual Domain Name Owners' constituency requests of the General
Assembly of the DNSO and of the provisional Names Council to allow it's
representatives to participate in the Names Council meetings and
at least as observers, until the ICANN Board has ratified the IDNO as a
constituency of the DNSO.

That the General Assembly, in order to achieve a balanced representation of
stakeholder interests, recommends to the ICANN Board that the IDNO be
immediately recognised as a legitimate constituency of the DNSO, 

3. That no policy recommendations are made by the Names Council, until a
balanced representation of all stakeholder interests is achieved. 

This mailing list is the Generenal Assembly in meeting. 
--Joop Teernstra--