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Re: [ga] Possible Agenda Items for General Assembly meeting

Hi Tony,
The concept of control in the referenced context seems inappropriate since it suggests capture, one of the very things the bylaws attempt to avoid. There seems to be intended a carefully crafted balance between consensus building facilitators (names council) and the consensus body (general assembly) in the portion of the bylaws you've quoted.
To answer you directly, all the work to be done may be done by the GA and much of it may be initiated by the GA as well, in the steady state. Here's a quote from the dnso link that captures this:
"(c) Constituencies or GA participants may propose that the NC consider domain name policies
or recommendations. If the NC undertakes consideration of a domain name topic, or if a
Constituency so requests, the NC shall designate one or more research or drafting committees,
or working groups of the GA, as appropriate to evaluate the topic, and shall set a time frame
for the report of such committee or working group."

So one may conclude that the GA can:

1. Initiate new topics for Working groups to consider; 
2. Be members of the Working Groups;

3. Accept updates and reports from current Working Groups

4. Do *anything else it wants to do* not assigned to others in the DNSO constituencies, which in their opinion advances the cause of the DNSO. For example, the GA may develop a position on the ICANN budget or on the fee structure to fund ICANN, etc.
In addition, this section of the ICANN bylaws specifically dealing with the GA states:


(a) The GA shall be an open forum for participation in the work of the DNSO, and open to all who are willing to contribute effort to the
work of the DNSO. The participants in the GA should be individuals who have a knowledge of and an interest in issues pertaining to the
areas for which the DNSO has primary responsibility, and who are willing to contribute time, effort and expertise to the work of the
DNSO, including work item proposal and development, discussion of work items, draft document preparation, and participation in
research and drafting committees and working groups. " 
This suggests that the real work gets done in the open forum, where participation in the work of the DNSO would occur. So, may be its not so much what would the GA do which is not already being done by the NC but more so that the NC cannot possibly do all the work in isolation and requires the open forum of the GA to do its work.

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Subject: Re: [ga] Possible Agenda Items for General Assembly meeting

Dear Dr. Nii N. Quaynor,

In order to make the DNSO General Assembly meeting in Santiago meaningful to members we will appreciate early input on possible agenda items for consideration by the pNC. Please, participate and post your suggestions on the GA list.

We look forward to receiving several rich suggestions from the GA to make the meeting worthwhile for all participants.

It isn't apparent from the DNSO "descriptor" at
http://www.dnso.org/dnso/aboutdnso.html, what the General Assembly
(other than generating a board nominations) would do that isn't
already being done by the Names Council.  In other words,
the GA appears to have no real powers or function.

Do you have any thoughts on this?  Also, who controls
the work of the General Assembly?