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RE: [ga] Names Council teleconference, 12/07/1999, agenda

I fully support this request as I loose some times to find out where to find
the webcast. So for the future we need the URL within the agenda for

Second remark: I do not understand why the chair of a WG is chooseen by the
pNC why not by the working group people, this seems more reasonnable.

Thanks in advance.

Jean Michel Becar

-----Original Message-----
From: Eva Frölich
To: Javier; ga@dnso.org
Cc: Shapiro Cohen
Sent: 12/07/99 14:18
Subject: RE: [ga] Names Council teleconference, 12/07/1999, agenda

At 12:28 1999-07-08 +0200, Javier wrote:
>The pNC teleconference will take place at 9:30 Eastern Daylight time
>European time). We will post the webcast webpage as soon as we know
what it
>will be.

I can´t find the information about the webcasting - can someone please
the information? And for future meeting pleas put the information on the
website together with the agenda. 

/ Eva 

Eva Frölich
e-mail:	eva@nic-se.se
NIC-SE, Box 5774, 114 87 Stockholm