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[ga] General comments on the agenda

On the telco today someone (J.Sola?) said that there have been no
objections to the working group agenda.  This is optimistic.

I object to absence of several items from the agenda, as I have been doing
for some time, in emails to several of the list and to many of the

1) The need to include a strong defense of rights of free expression in
the operative parts of the ADR policy.

2) The need to fix the procedural timetable to allow adequate time to
respond from *actual* notice.

3) The problem that the required representation rewards the ignorant at
the expense of the over-scrupulous (and requires a representation that
arguably would reverse the result in the Prince case).

4) The general issue of the (un)availability of judicial review in a very
large fraction of cases where the original registrant loses the ADR.

5) In general, the details of the proposed procedures need to scrutinized
... no one seems to focused on this.

What is the mechanism to get someone to pay attention to these issues?
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