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[ga] [Fwd: [IDNO-DISCUSS] ICANN used to require individual participation but it has beenremoved]

All concerned participants,

  Indeed as Karl points out in the forwarded comments below,
this provision that WAS in ICANN's bylaws must be immediately
restored until there has been public discussion and debate
upon the ICANN (Initial?) Interim desire for it's removal...

Jeffrey A. Williams
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Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
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On November 6, 1998, ICANN's by-laws contained the following, a clear
requirement for the ability of individuals to participate fully in
Supporting Organizations and to participate with partity with

That language is no longer part of ICANN's bylaws.

In other words, ICANN has removed a very important committment it made
regarding participation by individuals.

This change was made, I believe during or shortly after the SO creation
rodeo held in Singapore.

It was a change made without any significant public discussion of this

It is important that ICANN restore this requirement for individual
pariticipation in *ALL* Supporting Orgnizations, not merely the DNSO.

It is important for ICANN to immediately recognize the Individual Domain
Name Owners constituency in the DNSO.


On Nov 6, 1998 ICANN's by-laws said:


 The Board shall review and, if consistent with the purposes of the
 Corporation and its Articles and Bylaws and the purposes of the
 Supporting Organization, ratify any qualifications for membership adopted
 by each of the Supporting Organizations. Participation in a Supporting
 Organization shall be open to any individual or organization that meets
 the minimum qualifications adopted by the Supporting Organization and
 ratified by the Board. Each Supporting Organization may adopt membership
 structures, including open or multiple classes or categories of members,
 that it deems appropriate for its effective functioning, consistent with
 the foregoing.

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