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[ga] Re: [announce] Notification of the change to the Names Council

You wrote:
> ICANN's formal request advised MCI WorldCom that the ICANN Board
> had determined that no more than one employee, officer or director
> of a company may serve on the Names Council at any one time,
> regardless of the constituency the board member might represent.
> Pursuant to a formal request by the ICANN CEO, Michael Roberts, on
> behalf of the ICANN Board, MCI WorldCom has decided to withdraw
> Susan Anthony from serving on the provisional Names Council (pNC)
> representing the International Trademark Association (INTA).
> The new INTA representative is Caroline Chicoine, an attorney
> with the law firm of Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin in St. Louis,
> Missouri, USA.

What about the half-a-dozen CORE people on the Names Council? And
the numerous ISOC people?