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[ga] Re: FW: DNSO WG A report

Steve, Joan and all,

  Could it be possible for there to be a HTM or TXT version of this on
DNSO web site today perhaps, of one made avalible in these formats?

jmcgivern@ascap.com wrote:

> Dear IPC Folks - Steve Metalitz has graciously sent me the DNSO Working Group A
> materials as they presently exist. Look forward to seeing or hearing from you at
> the meeting on Friday. Regards, JMMcG
> ---------------------- Forwarded by Joan McGivern/ASCAP on 07/08/99 10:37 AM
> ---------------------------
>  (Embedded
>  image moved   Steve Metalitz <metalitz @ iipa.com>
>  to file:      07/08/99 09:59 AM
>  pic07790.pcx)
> To:
> cc:   Joan McGivern/ASCAP
> Subject:  FW: DNSO WG A report
> Here is the preliminary report from the DNSO Working Group A on dispute
> resolution procedures.  It lacks a discussion of the uniformity issue;
> that apparently will be provided today.   The attachment is in WP and in
> RTF.
> This document is more or less a compendium of views and does not draw
> many conclusions, but in any case it will be discussed at the IP
> Constituency meeting in New York tomorrow at ASCAP.  If you are unable
> to attend that meeting and have any reactions you would like me to
> convey, please let me know before COB today.
> Steven J. Metalitz
> Smith & Metalitz, LLP
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> metalitz@iipa.com


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