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[ga] IFWP list and Internet Governance

Hi, IFWPers.

This mail will bounce, as I am unable to get the subscription to the IFWP
list with my new address.

I first asked Richard Sexton to change my address, and he referred me to
instructions at the Web site http://www.open-rsc.org/ - please note that to
address a mail to Richard is already a non-straightforward task for the 99%
"minority" who refers to the root system as authoritative ;>)

I followed instructions at the site (http://www.open-rsc.org/lists/others/),
and asked people at my former site to unsubscribe my old address, while I
subscribed my new one.

In fact, after a couple of days ("Gee, isn't the list silent!"), I realized
that the thing did not work. The postmaster at ETSI told me that my mailbox,
that is still active for administrative reasons, is flooded with IFWP
messages, while I did not get any.
So, we did everything once again. But, surprise!, the system did not do it,
because it claimed it was already done.

So, last resort, the E-Mail address on the Web site for "problems &
suggestions", andy@interactivehq.org. In fact, it is Andy Sernowitz' E-mail,
and he kindly answered that he is not managing this since a year ago.

I think that this, while it is just a minor incident (maybe in my getting
settled in the new job, city and country I would not have had time anyhow to
go through my mail), it is interesting in relationship with the proposal
that comes in waves about the IFWP list as the voting body of the Internet,
and/or the candidate "unique" list for all Internet issues, and so on. If we
cannot change a subscriber's address, can we be trusted in checking voting
rights of participants?

The cc: to the dnso list has two purposes: first to ask some DNSOer to
forward this message to the IFWP, and second to acknowledge that the same
operation on the DNSO lists worked the first time through.


P.S.: Please note that my new address is r.gaetano@iaea.org, effective
1999-07-01. This is only temporary, because I will move to a personal
address soon.