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RE: [ga] Names Council teleconference, 12/07/1999, agenda

Now that there is an agenda....is there a time for this meeting to take
place?  I am also real interested in the status reports on working groups,
because I know that I have volunteered to serve on more than one of the
working groups but have never been contacted.  How about some leadership

Can anyone provide me with more details? Am I the only one in this boat?

If not, then let me state on the record that I am willing in any capacity on
working groups B and C (as I previously indicated -- but have never heard
anything back on).  Or are we still dealing with procedural issues?

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The agenda for the Names Council teleconference
scheduled for July 12th is posted on the website.
Please consult http://www.dnso.org/dnso/calendardnso.html

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