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[ga] WG-A Preliminary Report

The WG-A Preliminary Report is due today, July 7th 1999.

The exact hour was not set, but we may assume, if no objection
raised, that in similar situation it is:
        Day N,   09 p.m. Pacific Time
        Day N,   12 p.m. Eastern Time
        Day N+1, 06 a.m. Central European Time
        Day N+1, 01 p.m. Singapore Time

The WG-A Preliminary Report will be sent to the wg-a@dnso.org list,
and automaticaly archived in:

It will be also available on the www.dnso.org website
few hours later.

Please consult www.dnso.org, item
        List of DNSO mailing lists and
        archives (GA, Announcements, WG's
        lists, public comments, ...)
for the acces to all archives.

DNSO Secretariat