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[ga] [jsola@aui.es: Organization of WG C of the DNSO]

here is the message you were supposed to reply last week to be included in
any drafting committee.

you can ask now since this is only one week old.

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Dear members of Working Group C,

Following its charter <http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19990625.NCwgc.html>,
WG C will be structured in three drafting committees (each one detailed

Please reply to me saying in which drafting committee you wish to be
placed. The Drafting Committees are:

Drafting Committee 1 (DC 1)

Preparing a document that responds to the following questions:

Should there be new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)? If yes: How many?
Which? At which speed should they be deployed and in which order? What
should be the mechanism for developing new gTLDs after all these are
deployed. Should each new gTLD have a specific charter? 

Drafting Comittee 2 (DC 2)

Development of a document describing what the registration and data
maintenance procedure for the new registry(ies) should be.

Drafting Committee 3 (DC 3)

Development of a "Call for Tenders for a gTLD registry (or several)" that
the NC would recommend ICANN to issue. The Document should include
responses to the following questions.

How should the new gTLDs be managed? What should the registry(ies) be like?
Is it mandatory to have a new registry(ies)? Why? Does the structure
proposed comply with worldwide concepts of anti-trust law? What information
should be made public by the registry(ies) and how? Obligations of the


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