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Re: [ga] Preliminary report on the NC June 25th meeting

Javier SOLA wrote:
> Antony,
> >2. You mention that it was "resolved to maintain the meeting on the
> >afternoon of August 26th to assess the decisions of the ICANN Board and to
> >plan for future action."  Is this a meeting of the General Assembly, in
> >addition to the meeting on the afternoon of the 24th?  Or is this a
> >different meeting?  Could you clarify please.
> No, it is a meeting of the provisional Names Council. It is open, as all
> meetings of the Names Council.

What does this mean, Mr. Sola? That you didn't throw legitimate
observers like myself off the NC teleconference on June 11? That
just didn't happen, is that right, Mr. Sola? You can re-write
history at your convenience, like Elizabeth Porteneuve has
re-written the history of the DNSO on its website.

When we finally get you up on a witness stand in front of judge and
jury, we will see if you will continue to lie. In the U.S. we have
laws against lies that hurt other people. It's a criminal offense
called perjury. When we get you onto the witness stand in a court of
law, if you tell these lies like you are doing here on this list,
you will be prosecuted. Do you understand, Mr. Sola? You are not
going to get away with it forever. Get that out of your head.