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Re: [ga] Preliminary report on the NC June 25th meeting

On Sun, 04 Jul 1999 13:41:30 +0200, Javier SOLA <javier@aui.es> wrote:
>>3. Did the NC address the problem that people have had joining working
>Nobody mentioned such problem during the meeting. If you have concerns, you
>should ask your pNC representatives to address them during the next meeting.

And what about those who currently have no representation on the Names
Council?  Who shall they ask, Javier?

I would think this list would then be an appropriate place to ask and
receive an answer on this question.

William X. Walsh
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"The fact is that domain names are new and have unique
characteristics, and their status under the law is not yet clear." 
--Kent Crispin (June 29th, 1999)