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[ga] .org bidders' comments

I would have blogged this if I was at home...

ICANN has posted the .org bidders' final comments at
<http://www.icann.org/tlds/org/applicant-comments-03oct02.htm>. Only
seven of the 11 bidders have bothered to comment.  Most of these
comments are pointing to various actual or perceived flaws of the
evaluation, and basically boil down to "we are the best if criteria
or results are slightly fixed as follows".

The single comment which is really worth your time is the one from
IMS/ISC.  The criticism in that comment is on a much more
fundamental level than what the other bidders write.  

In particular, the concept that _any_ bidder except Verisign could
have _demonstrated_ experience is attacked on the basis that no
published success monitoring statistics are available, and that the
new registries are only operating for a very short amount of time.

As an additional goodie, the report contains, for comparison, a
brief report on the bidding process for .com/.net/.org in 1992 [the
year when I left my first vi session by turning off the terminal...]
- the one which was ultimately won by NSI.  In particular, they
report about one alternative proposal by Rick Adams which would have
introduced a registry/registrar separation even back then, but was
(according to this account) not selected on the basis of being "too

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