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Re: [ga] Auerbach vs. ICANN update

>       With regard to "bias"?   That exactly does this mean?   I have
> opinions.  So do you.  The ICANN brief says they shouldn't have to give
> the records because he rocks the boat, even noting how many times he
> vote in the majority as a reason for not giving him access to the records.
> Does this strike you as OK?     And the gall of ICANN lawyers to quesiton
> Karl's mandate on the basis of the votes......  What was that about?  This
> is an organization who can't explain to anyone how the board is picked.

an interesting interpretation of the icann response Jamie... i am sorry but
i dont happen to agree at all with your "read" here..

> Why doesn't the
> ICANN board tell Karl they can settle this informally, and fix the
> Why do we need lawyers for this?

you might pose the same question to Karl......

ken stubbs

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