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Re: [ga] Auerbach vs. ICANN update

Can someone please tell me exactly what ICANN
management are protecting here? What parts of
ICANN financial records are confidential and

I can understand ICANN having some obligation to
keep some records confidential. For example, I
don't think they should put the personnel files
on the web site.

I cannot see, however, why parts of the financial
records of an "open and transparent" "bottom-up"
"public benefit" organisation should be hidden.
Perhaps I'm missing some important point. If so,
could someone please explain it to me?

Please treat this as purely a request for factual

Of course some would argue that current ICANN
management are part of a nasty conspiracy and the
issue is whether they can get away with concealing
evidence. Others might claim Karl is a whacko with
an agenda, out to disrupt ICANN when he should be
supporting it. I could produce plausible arguments 
for either position.

However, I'm asking for "just the facts" here. What
ICANN financial records are confidential and why?
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