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[ga] The BC Position on ICANN Evolution and Reform

The Business Constituency website now states:

<<BC position on ICANN Evolution and Reform
This paper, authored by Marilyn Cade, is now accepted as a BC Position.>>

Needless to say, there are no changes in this document (even in spite of the 
extensive list of questions prepared for Marilyn).  So, one might ask, how 
exactly does the BC arrive at a "position"?  

The BC website offers a succinct explanation:  <<The draft position will be 
circulated for comment or posted on the web site. Members will be notified 
that there will be a 14 days’ period for comment.  If no comments are 
received the position will be deemed approved.>>

The problem with this approach is that within the BC, members rarely, if 
ever, participate on the mailing list (this is one of the reasons that the BC 
refuses to publicly archive their list  -- they are embarrassed by the fact 
that almost no one in their constituency ever has anything to say (with the 
exception of Jefsey and Andy Duff), and they need to hide the fact that 
almost all decisions and positions are exclusively made by only three people, 
Phil, Marilyn and Grant, without the benefit of any other member input 

So, in short... Marilyn quickly drafted something to throw up on the 
website... as usual no one had anything to say... and that became the BC 

Spend some time and look at the document.  You will find that it is one of 
the most vaguest non-substantive pieces of paper produced by this almost 
useless constituency that can't be bothered to propose any specific solutions 
to our current set of problems.  All the more reason why the BC should be 
de-commissioned as a constituency in the restructured ICANN.  We don't need 
both this group and the IP lobby (just one will suffice, and these two appear 
to be no more than mirror images of each other anyway).

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