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Re: [ga] Bulk Whois Data Issue

At 06:04 PM 4/17/2002 -0400, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
>Please note the following comment posted by Tim Ruiz to the registrars list:
><< I understand the reasoning behind public disclosure of registrant data but
>it seems to have gone too far. In this day and age of privacy concerns it's a
>little insane that Registrars are required to make their customer data
>available to the public in bulk.  One-offs through a Web interface are one
>thing. Requirements for bulk access, including open ports, to the data are
>just too much. It's an open invitation to abuse with no one really willing to
>enforce proper use of the data. In fairness, I'm not sure there is any way to
>enforce it given the international nature of what we do. I believe there
>should NOT be any requirement for open port, or bulk, access to this data.>>
>I share Tim's point of view, and would appeciate hearing the position of GA
>members on this topic (especially the views of those members that now
>participate on the WHOIS Committee).


I fantasize about not receiving SPAM, how much faster everyone's Internet 
Access could be without all the junk mail cluttering up our bandwidth, how 
much better the world would be if people just backed off and let us find 
them when we WANT/NEED their service, not being found by them.  They don't 
know what we want or what we need.  They don't know if we are male or 
female, single or married, promiscuous or frigid, 8 years old or 50, etc.

In response to your more specific question:

My preference would be:

Registrants are provided the opportunity
to OPT-IN for inclusion in the bulk access process
either at the time of registration
or as a modification option via Web GUI.

OPT-OUT is really not a good philosophy.

I would prefer there were no,
"requirement for open port, or bulk, access to this data" (from above);
however, I more prefer the WHOIS database be
as available as possible
to folks other than Bulk Marketers
and therefore support the convenience be provided to them,
especially at a price which enables the Registrars
to make a little more money
so the services I need
can continue to be as cost effective as possible.

So, I neither have the best solution; but am willing to listen and 
learn.  And I want a Great Solution to present during the next meeting 
which I believe we are working toward.



Kristy McKee

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