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Re: [ga] WLS and Transfers TF

George Kirikos writes:  << Also, how can one (i.e. myself, and others not 
currently on the task force) join the TF, or provide input? >>


Regarding input and participation in the TF, our bylaws state:

<<Each of such bodies shall provide appropriate means, as determined by the 
NC, for input and such participation as is practicable under the 
circumstances by other interested parties.>>  

You would logically think that this means that all of us could join in the 
efforts of whatever group is assigned to handle any particular problem.  
Unfortunately, the Names Council has perverted the intent of the bylaws and 
routinely denies participation to all interested parties.  We have previously 
attempted (through at least three separate proposals) to have registrants 
represented in the Transfers Task Force.  Marilyn Cade (BC), chair of this 
TF, has seen fit to repeatedly deny such participation and representation.  

At the moment, we are restricted to providing "input" via the sole GA 
representative (who if he doesn't like your comments will not forward them to 
the TF for consideration).  In the future we are scheduled to have the 
opportunity to answer survey questions, and that is the total extent of our 
allowable participation... oh, I forgot... the TF always issues a final 
report that is put out for public comment (that no one on either the TF or 
the Names Council ever reads or reviews these comments is immaterial... god 
forbid that they would ever change a recommendation based on public input!)

So, basically the situation sucks for those that truly want to participate.  
The group that controls the Council doesn't want your input... it only gets 
in the way of their top-down plans.  

Footnote:  To better understand what the BC in particular thinks of our 
contributions, please consider this quote from their website that 
characterizes such commentary:  
"the unnecessary and untidy correspondence characteristic of certain e-mail 
lists within the ICANN world."  -- http://www.bizconst.org/bccomms.htm
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