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Re: [ga] WLS and Transfers TF


--- DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
> Louis Touton, in his "General Counsel's Analysis of VGRS's Request
> for 
> Amendment to Registry Agreement" at 
> http://www.icann.org/minutes/report-vgrs-wls-17apr02.htm states:

That's excellent news, that ICANN hasn't let Verisign ram through WLS
as a done deal. Chalk one up for the little guys. All those emails to
the US DoJ might have worked. ;)

> I was not aware that your TF is currently considering the WLS issue
> as I have 
> not noted even one single comment on this topic in the TF archives. 
> Is Mr. 
> Touton correct?  Are you currently considering the WLS issue, and is
> a report 
> to the Board scheduled in June?  Can you perhaps provide us with an

I'm reading the TF archives at:


(bottom group) and don't see much about WLS.

Also, how can one (i.e. myself, and others not currently on the task
force) join the TF, or provide input? I'm sure that I'm not alone in
wanting to help the task force do a thorough analysis, and now that
Verisign no longer controls the process (finally!) it is the
appropriate time for others to provide all the background and insights
required that Verisign omits from its proposal.

Also, for Chuck Gomes and/or Louis Touton, can we have a public copy of
the "attached proposal" in Chuck's email to the Board dated March 21?
If it's identical to:


please advise. There was concern in many quarters that "the devil was
in the details" with regards to many aspects of the proposal, and since
the proposed Registrar contracts with regards to WLS were not present,
one could not properly evaluate the proposal.

Also, I think VGRS should state for the record whether that proposal is
the one we should be evaluating -- if they intend to revise it again,
based on ICANN's analysis, we should be told this up front, instead of
wasting valuable time dissecting a "dead horse".


George Kirikos

P.S. Since I'm close to my 5 post limit, I'll have to wait until later
to respond in the WHOIS thread, re: privacy, grrrr. See ya at 12:01 am
tomorrow. :)

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