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RE: [ga] Bulk Whois Data Issue

> When you own property, people have the right to be able to get that
> information.  The same with a domain name, which is the internet form
> of "property."

Real property is very far removed from the DNS. One is bricks and mortar,
the other is electronic data. I don't pay fees to keep the address of my
building, neither the building or it's address are subject to possible
trademark infringement, and I have to leave both behind when I move
jurisdictions. Domain Names should be treated like cell phone numbers, which
as Bill correctly points out, can be unlisted at the sole discretion of the
registrant. In fact, when ENUM gets going, Domain Names and Phone Numbers
will merge, then the WHOIS will evolve into a global database of personal
identifiers that will not change from moving around over the course of a
lifetime, which is one very big difference between the WHOIS and Real
property databases and one very good reason to insist the unlisted option is
retained for personal domain names as well as phone numbers.


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