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[ga] Re: Bulk Whois Data Issue


I refer you (as co-chair of the WHOIS Committee) to the February 14 minutes 
of the Names Council:

<<Agenda item 5: WHOIS referral from ICANN
Louis Touton reminded Council of a request from Verio Inc. regarding a change 
in the Registrar's Accreditation agreement about bulk WHOIS data obtained 
from registrars and the marketing uses for it.  The ICANN reconsideration 
committee recommended referring the issue to the DNSO.  Philip Sheppard asked 
if it could be referred to the existing Task Force or would it require a new 
group.  The WHOIS TF Chair said it was an issue that could be taken up by the 
WHOIS task force if the Council requested it.

Philip Sheppard proposed:
To refer the issue to the existing WHOIS TF and for the TF to report back by 
e-mail to the NC within 14 days how they intend to deal with it.
Decision 6: The proposal was adopted. There was one abstention.>>

I have not noticed any message to the Council explaining how or when the 
WHOIS Committee intends to deal with this issue which the Board has referred 
to the DNSO.  Can you provide an update, or an explanation as to why your 
Committee is not acting upon this request from the ICANN Board?
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