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[ga] On Transfers and Slamming

Reposted from the registrar list:


could you enlighten us as to how VeriSign got the contact information
[including mine] to mail out your fraudulent slamming campaign.

Just so you know I have domains registered at several registrars with
bogus surnames. when I get a piece of snail mail that contains one of
those surnames I know the address was collected by mining the whois as the
registration is the ONLY place that surname and my address exists.

the letter from VeriSign requesting that I transfer my domains included
one of those bogus surnames.

Could you address why the letter appears to be a bill but is in fact a
solicitation? Also, could you explain why the letter violates 39 USC
3001(d)(2)(A) of the Domestic Mail Manual by not providing an appropriate
disclaimer? see http://pe.usps.gov/text/dmm/c031.htm

Many times you have stated SLAMMING as an industry wide problem without
ever providing an example of SLAMMING occurring in our industry.

I thank you for finally providing a clear case of slamming and registrant
confusion. We look forward to your explanation of the VeriSign Registrars
behavior in this matter.>>
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