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[ga] NC Recommendations


I'm not concerned about the issue of "staff support".  I am questioning the 
recommendation that the DNSO, ASO, and PSO "should remain essentially 
intact", and should be augmented by a ccSO.

An SO for the ccTLDs will grant them three seats on the Board.  Meanwhile, 
neither the gTLDs nor the registrars will obtain such representation, nor 
will any other constituency obtain comparable representation on the Board.  
Why then is this a "good idea"?  On what basis do we justify giving enhanced 
representation to this one particular group?

Furthermore, why should the DNSO itself remain intact?  It's problems do not 
stem primarily from a purported lack of staff support -- they go much deeper, 
and I see no proposal on the table which allows for the reform of the DNSO.

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