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RE: [ga] Help with research into domain reregistration - submit examples of unrelated reregistrations

> In other words: harm exists independent of anything to do with the law.
> Lawyers do tend to forget that.

The point is that I am hard-pressed to understand whether there is more harm
in having a recycyled domain name used for the same type of business or for
some other business.  Aside from the pornography, Ben mentioned general

Ben obviously did not choose his example at random, as there has already
been a UDRP proceeding in which a bicycle shop went out of business and the
three-letter domain name was re-registered by another party for general
advertising.  The complainant, a debt collection firm, argued that they were
entitled to the domain name because the general advertising usage was
intended to confuse people who were looking for the defunct bicycle shop.
Of course, they wanted to use the domain name for their debt collection
business.  Their argument was intended to have the panel make some kind of
value judgment over what an expired domain name should be used for.

The expired domain name "problem", of course, only became a problem when NSI
began charging for domain names, and this problem has been compounded by
ICANN's "accomplishment" of having created a domain name business which is
thoroughly confusing to people who don't want to know about all of this
ridiculous arcana, but who merely want to use the internet.  Domain name
registrants are bombarded with bogus "renewal" statements, including the
registrar change that Verisign sends out to people under the guise of a
renewal notice.  We also now have scamsters sending out fake UDRP notices,
because to make things "easy" the UDRP conveniently ignores the Hague
Convention on international service of judicial and non-judicial notice.

Yes, if people don't pay their bills, they might suffer harm, and they might
have no legal recourse.  Perhaps those people should pay their bills.

There is an element of "finders keepers, losers weepers" in this decision.
We believe that is as it should be.

And, as far as your personal characterization of how people in various
occupations view the world, Kent, I was an engineer long before I ever
thought of being a lawyer.  So you can can the lawyer bashing garbage.

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