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[ga] ICANN Reform: New Proposal for At-Large elections

The Board has expressed concerns about the validity, fairness, 
representativeness, affordability and practicality of global online 

An alternative to global online elections:  

1.  I take it as axiomatic that those who participate in ICANN activities 
constitute a well-defined and informed electorate.  ICANN Supporting 
Organizations have membership rosters.  We are also aware of the names and 
email addresses of everyone that has participated in ICANN plenary sessions, 
working groups, task forces, committees and forums over the course of the 
last four years.   This small identifiable group of informed participants (at 
most a few thousand) constitutes the immediate body that represents the 
greater At-Large.

2.  Emails may be sent to all such current and former ICANN participants with 
the request that they identify themselves as part of a specific geographic 
region and provide their current address.  

3.  A list of voters for each region is thereby established, and from such a 
list candidates will emerge for each region.

4.  Paper ballots are mailed to the physical addresses of the voters. 

5.  This approach is affordable, practical, sufficiently representative, 
fair, and avoids the potential for fraud and/or capture.
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