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[ga] RE: [ecdiscuss] DNS independence

Jefsey, I offer one comment to your "misportrayal"  of the announcement of a new chair for the IAB. 

The IAB members and the chair step above their company affiliations and work for the good of the Internet community. That was true BEFORE John Klensin was IAB chair; WHILE he was chair, and WILL BE true with Leslie Daigle as chair.

Companies do not chair the IAB; respected technologists and engineers of the Internet community do....elected by their peers.

While AT&T was honored that the previous IAB chair worked for us in his "day job", we also understood and supported his role and independence on behalf of the Internet Community. And counted on it. :-)

We trust that continues with Leslie's role as chair. 

You should reconsider your "headline". It totally misportrays the integrity of this fine group of Internet leaders.

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For information. ATT steps down and Verisign takes over as IAB Chair.

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