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[ga] What the Australian Government wants to know about ICANN

Dear all,

Jeanette Hofmann just alerted me to the fact that the Australian
government is carrying out a national consultation process about 
ICANN reform. Interesting!

Best regards,
/// Alexander

Excertps from http://www.noie.gov.au/projects/consult/consult.htm#ICANN

>Views Sought
> The views of interested parties are sought on all aspects of the 
> ICANN reform process.  The Australian Government position will be 
> pursued through the GAC and other relevant forums.  The Government 
> is particularly interested in the following:
> Are the original policy principles for ICANN still valid and useful?  
> These principles are:
>   - Preserving stability 
>   - Promoting competition 
>   - Relying where possible on private sector, bottom-up participatory 
>     mechanisms that reflect the functional and geographic diversity 
>     of the Internet 
>   - Development of efficient dispute resolution alternatives (for the 
>     gTLD registries) 
>   - Promoting accountability in management (for all registries) 
> What is ICANNís mission?  What should be the scope of ICANNís role?  
> Can a distinction be drawn between "technical" and "policy" functions?
> What is the appropriate balance between government, commercial, 
> technical and user interests in meeting ICANNís responsibilities? 
> Is the concept of elected "at large" representatives participating in 
> ICANN decision-making a realistic and desirable one?  Should at-large 
> involvement occur through alternative means, such as some form of 
> advisory body or public consultation process?
>  - How can ccTLDs be more closely involved in, and committed to, 
>    ICANN processes?  Should governments play a more active role in 
>    facilitating greater commitment to ICANN by "national" ccTLD 
>    administrators? 
>  - What is the most appropriate funding arrangement for ICANN? 
>  - What is the appropriate relationship between ICANN and other 
>    international organisations such as the ITU, WIPO and the OECD?  

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