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Re: [ga] Pulling the plug on the Council

On 2002-04-12 11:55:42 +0200, Alexander Svensson wrote:

>>I would guess that any work product which does not identify and 
>>address the problems with the DNSO's current process would be 
>>considered a failure.  Any work product which just says 
>>"everything's almost fine" would most likely be a failure.

>Although I agree, I concede that the DNSO has had the most
>difficult job of all the SOs.

Agreed.  However, if the DNSO can't do its difficult job with its 
current structure, this means that the structure should be replaced.

>I believe that part of the problem lies in the constituency 
>structure. It's not only about including all relevant groups 
>(Philip mentioned individual name holders), it's about the 
>constituency representatives not being able to work together. 
>Stuart Lynn calls it "the DNSO's complex and noisy crowd of 
>working groups, constituencies, and the Names Council."

>Not all concerned parties in the Task Forces are represented, but 
>even worse -- not all represented parties seem to be interested in 
>the work. 

You can safely phrase this in still sharper form: Some represented 
parties may be interested in not getting the work done.

>(Additionally, the DNSO must get rid of incentives to block work 
>getting done.)

How?  Quite frankly, I don't see any incentive at all for at least 
one of the large players to get anything done in the DNSO.


Thank you.  Maybe we should start an initiative to get a bunch of 
these delivered to the Bucharest site, for use by board and names 
council members.

Thomas Roessler                          http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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