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Re: [ga] Evolution - GA

Roberto writes:

<< IMHO these assumptions lead to one of the two solutions:
 1. dynamically correct the constituency structure with a mechanism to 
add/delete/modify the number of constituencies when needed (remember the 
"Paris Draft"?)
 2. get rid altogether of the constituency structure and replace it with a GA 
type structure (Karl Auerbach's solution, identifiable to a certain extent 
with the BWG draft). >>

What Roberto is stating is precisely the same set of conclusions arrived at 
by the Review Working Group over one year ago.  

In that time, we have seen the Council actively and continuously oppose the 
creation of an Individual Domain Name Holders Constituency.  As the Council 
will not proactively adopt a mechanism to add/delete/modify the number of 
constituencies, and will not even discuss other reform proposals that would 
upset the balance of power enjoyed by certain special interest groups, we now 
have only choice number two as our remaining option -- getting rid of the 
Council constituency structure altogether.  

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