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[ga] Pulling the plug on the Council

Thomas in his recent letter to the NC asks:  <<What, precisely should the 
council's role be? >>

This question presumes that there will be an ongoing role for the Names 
Council in ICANN.  I question that assessment.  The Lynn Plan makes it clear 
that ICANN has come to the conclusion that the Council is of such limited 
value that the DNSO itself should be eliminated in the "evolved" ICANN.  

I share this conclusion.  Let's consider the facts... most of us recognize 
that change is needed, and we have had a Council that has purportedly looked 
at reform issues through the review process.  We have had a Review Working 
Group, two separate Review Task Forces, and a Structure Task Force... and yet 
what did the Council ultimately conclude?  Their final Review Report 
indicated that no substantive reform was required, and that everything was 
just wonderful within the DNSO.

This Council is a body with no desire to reform.  It is an organization that 
has stonewalled every concerted effort made to enhance representation and 
participation.  You will recall that the GA voted on and passed a proposal 
calling for the DNSO to be converted into a bicameral body.  We took the 
issue of reform and evolution seriously, and acted to make our displeasure 
known.... but as was to be expected, this Council responded by steadfastly 
refusing to even initiate discussions on the GA proposal.  

As far as I'm concerned, the Council has had their day in the sun, and it is 
now time to pull the plug on a failed experiment.  Any organization that 
refuses to reform must be discarded on the trashheap of history.  

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