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Re: [ga] Independent Review Panel?

Hello Joop,

At 11.04.2002 12:17, you wrote:
>At 00:49 11/04/02 +0200, Thomas Roessler wrote:
>>It is well-known by now that, in the Lynn proposal, an independent
>>review panel is characterized as a "waste."
>>What do you folks think about this?
>The original proposals for an Independent Review Panel are good and they are a necessary component of  ICANN's structure as originally envisaged.
>That they have not been implemented is a crying shame.
>With due respect, Thomas, I think it is misguided to now start casting about  for watered-down alternatives.

I don't think Thomas is the one who is casting about for
watered-down alternatives (which you probably didn't intend 
to say, but it sounds like it) -- he's certainly not the 
one who called it a waste. He is asking for opinions and 
ideas of GA members which he can in turn present e.g. to 
the NC and Board.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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