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Re: [ga] Time to regulate the Re-Sellers

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002 DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

> One of the reasons for ICANN's existence, at least according to our Articles
> of Incorporation, is to pursue the charitable and public purposes of
> lessening the burdens of government.

> The approach that both Michael and Karl advocate is designed not to
> lessen such burdens, but conversely, to increase the burdens of
> government by shifting away from ICANN and back into the hands of
> government that which ICANN has already been given the power to regulate
> -- domain name system registration processes.

The notion of reducing the burdens of government in ICANN's Articles of
Incorporations is a very strange one.

Certainly I hope that my government (United States) doesn't find things
like due process, equal protection, and the like to be burdens.

So I have a hard time giving credence to logic that says that government
burdens are lifted by ICANN-enacted private laws that lack the protections
provided by government laws and procedures.

Indeed, I'd put it quite the other way around - by creating such a sty of
unprincipled and unfair procedures, ICANN is creating a mess that is going
to take governmental efforts of Herculean proportions to clean up.

I guess we can add to the list of things to be reformed in ICANN - remove
the "reduce burdens" language in the Articles and substitute something
that more clearly identifies ICANN's role and improves upon the current
language's rather vague identification of the beneficiaries.


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