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Re: [ga] Time to regulate the Re-Sellers

One of the reasons for ICANN's existence, at least according to our Articles 
of Incorporation, is to pursue the charitable and public purposes of 
lessening the burdens of government.  

The approach that both Michael and Karl advocate is designed not to lessen 
such burdens, but conversely, to increase the burdens of government by 
shifting away from ICANN and back into the hands of government that which 
ICANN has already been given the power to regulate -- domain name system 
registration processes.   

Today, registrants deal as often with domain name resellers as they do with 
registrars, but this former group is accountable to no one and contributes 
nothing to ICANN's funding, even while reaping all the benefits of ICANN's 

An accreditation process for resellers is warranted, and can generate 
additional revenues for the organization.  
If we are empowered to set the parameters for registrar "Business Dealings, 
Including with Registered Name Holders" (section 3.7 Registrar Accreditation 
Agreement), we can certainly establish policies for those others that 
similarly provide equivalent domain name registration services.   
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