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Re: [ga] Pointless TF Survey

DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

>Dear Dan Steinberg and members of the Transfers TF:
>In reading comments at http://nsihorrorstories.com/index.shtml, I see my 
>story is nothing unique. This is a clear demonstration of anticompetitive 
>practices. Verisign obviously does not want others to take their business so 
>rather than end the contract they say the domain is in "unpaid" status and 
>use that as an excuse to keep other registrars from taking their business.  
>Clearly something needs to be done about this.
Mr Steinberg and Transfers "Task Force" Members,

I too have suffered the exact same thing as Danny at the NSI/Verisign 
Registry/Registrar. Pardon me, but when the f**k are you people going to 
actually do something towards rectifying the existing situation? This TF 
has all the appearances of another sham/token gesture replete with the 
typical cast of likely candidates.  Please, speak up Mr. Steinberg (IP 
Lawyer).  This is a substantive matter of great imporance and we're 
waiting for your input on how this matter will be resolved.


Sotirs Sotiropoulos

[Am I pissed off?  You better believe it!]

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