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Re: [ga] policy-making options

On 09:26 09/04/02, Alexander Svensson said:
>My personal impression is that the maximum size for such a group is 
>somewhere at 15 or 20 persons, regardless of the tools used.

The mathematic of the entier numbers calls for a computing power at the 
power of the number of equations. This is the way you compute the 
organization of an airline: only aircrafts can fly, not .32 of an aircraft 
even of you only have 15 passengers for a 747. 15 years ago I met a 
mathematician who used Craigh machines until he though that if he was more 
clever he could reduce the number of equations. And he started using ... 
Apple IIc. He was selling his results to most of the largest Airlines.

I think you are right abut 15/20 people with a simple e-mail system. And 
that complexity and unreadablity quiclky increase afterward. However the 
purpose of an analysis is to try to understand why people post (because 
they feel their point is not told, accepted, etc) and how a tool should be 
designed which wold permit the people to reduce the noise, the number of 
post while being happy and more productive.

Because the size of the group is three times the number of competent people 
if you include those who want to listen and sak and the ones who wants to 
be listen and asked while they know nothing.

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