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[ga] Registrars Bill of Rights

Having reviewed Mr. Walsh's recent remarks, perhaps it is indeed time to 
re-affirm the rights of registrars and re-sellers...

Registrars Bill of Rights

A registrar has the right:

1.  to hoard and warehouse domain names
2.  to speculate in domain names
3.  to not operate a public service
4.  to not abide by principles for allocation of registered names, such as 
first-come/first served
5.  to not verify contact information associated with a registered name at 
time of registration
6.  to not periodically re-verify such contact information
7.  to suspend or cancel any registration to correct its own mistakes
8.  to establish its own proprietary procedures for handling expiration of 
9.  to hold domain names hostage in transfer proceedings
10.  to charge up to $10,000 for bulk access to registrants' personal data
11.  to offer symbol system and internationalized domain names that don't 
resolve on the Internet
12.  to engage in "pre-registration" activities

plese feel free to add to this list.

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