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[ga] Verisign continues to remove expiration dates from WHOIS


Can someone from Verisign comment as to why expiration dates continue
to disappear from the WHOIS? Another example is AOY.com:

Record last updated on 04-Apr-2002.
Record created on 05-Mar-1997.
Database last updated on 5-Apr-2002 01:12:00 EST.

The prior example was Auction-Barn.com:

Record last updated on 15-Mar-2002.
Record created on 26-Jan-2000.
Database last updated on 5-Apr-2002 01:12:00 EST.

Someone on the OpenSRS mailing list mentioned that as they renewed
their domains at Network Solutions, the expiration dates disappeared?
Is this a new Verisign policy? If so, how does this mesh with their
Registrar requirements with ICANN?

Is this a Y2K bug, perhaps? Bruce Beckwith had said any domain
registered in the past 2 years doesn't get affected, i.e. this means
any domain after the Year 2000.


Is the Registry database safe, and Y2K compliant? I do financial
modeling, and know date-arithmetic is of critical importance -- but
this stuff should have been tested and fixed 2 years ago!


George Kirikos

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