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[ga] Re: [icann-europe] wecann.com preparation - News list

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  • Subject: [ga] Re: [icann-europe] wecann.com preparation - News list
  • From: Jefsey Morfin <jefsey@wanadoo.fr>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 08:25:27 +0200
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On 22:12 30/03/02, Jeff Williams said:
>   When will this site be resolving?

This is a coordinated project. As soon as you do not do something alone and 
want to do things profesionnally it necessarily takes time. There is also 
Easter WE. Don't worry. Please send me the list of the INEG affiliated new 
people. We will put them on our list.

>Currently it does not resolve.
>coming along?

There is no particular need for icannatlarge.org to develop anything at the 
present stage. They helped Joop to start icannatlarge.com in copying their 
name. If the current effort fails, they will be here to help resuming the 
initial approach I proposed: instead of following the rules of Lord Lynn 
and to fight the GAC to help the Staff and Joe Sims to control a diwindling 
situation, to locally ally with each NIC and local Gov in order to commonly 
rule and develop the ICANN.

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