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Dear all,
Gary Osbourne has accepted to review may project of site. Garbiel Pinero to 
help with Spanish words. We have a volunteer for German. I will try to 
provide some French. If someone could help with Intalian, Portuguese, 
Arabic, Japanese, Chinese? I suppose the text will be kept very terse, but 
a review in the different languages might help. A list has been set-up 
about the site management for the various authors.

I suppose that something interesting for all of us to understand the 
propositions is to be able to ask questions to the authors (Danny, Ross, 
Lynn, Dave, ..). Thank you for rising questions. I will list a few of 
mines: we could aggregate them into a list of FAQs that each propent could 
respond to. They could then be used to build comparative tables.

1. do you think the ICANN is invested net leadership authority or net 
keeping duties?
2. do you think the ICANN should be equal to all through policy documents 
(IPC) or should match every specific situation though contracts?
3. do you think the ICANN constitution should consider US local tax/legal 
aspects or to be establish and to look for a location where its own 
requirements can be met?
4. do you think that competition fostering must be organized or should it 
come from the way the same rules apply to all?
5. in your opinion who are the real owners of the Internet: the 
registrants, the participating services, the governments, the Internet 
Participants at large (existing/future), the ICANN?
6. how do you think dedicated International aspects should be addressed? 
Through an union of national communities with dedicated interest groups, or 
an union of dedicated interest groups with their own national chapters, or 
a more sophisticated mix?
7. the number of TLD has very slightly increased, so has the number of 
protocol  number. The number of IP blocks has stayed the same. What are 
your reasons for a significant budget increase from the Jon Postel days? 
What are the criteria for it to expand instead of staying stable?
8. should the revenues from the ICANN result from a "tax" system to support 
a community need, and who should pay that tax? or from a contribution from 
its "clients" for the rendered services? On which principles?
9. we observe that the ICANN interfaces the external world through the SOs, 
clearly dedicated to each of its missions. Some ambiguities result from 
their rigidness and exclusive relations with designated constituencies. Do 
you think that the constituencies of stake holders is a good solution? Do 
you think there should be more, less of them? Do you think the 
constituencies should be able to relate with all the SOs they are concerned 
10. the idea is that the BoD may include the most diversified team to be 
sure that it will include competence on every matter of ICANN 
responsibility and global interests. Do you agree with this? In most of the 
human institutions such a diversification and the risk of polarization are 
addressed through balanced direct and indirect elections - like in most of 
the democratic Congresses. Do you support that approach resulting in a 9 SO 
originated and 9 @large originated BoD? Why? Why would you prefer another 
system? Would you have successful examples of the kind of system you 
support in national or international organizations?
11. The organization of the DN sales force (Registrars) has gained 
importance and many specific problems have developed with the Registries. 
This makes the ICANN to look like a professional association without 
powers. How would you address that situation?  The same the IP addressing 
is increasingly perceived as a major problem. How ill you address that issue?
12. Transparency and consensus building are important issues complex to 
address in an international network environment. What are the methods or 
structural orientations you favor to impose transparency, reduce the bylaws 
fluctuations, improve the relations with the GAC and external organizations 
such as contents providers, Telcos, ITU/T, consumers, etc...


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