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[ga] Cooperate or Not?

Milton Mueller has submitted the comment cited below to the NCDNHC advising 
the Community not to cooperate with the Committee on ICANN Evolution and 
Reform.  As the GA has two representatives now engaged in discussions with 
the Council leadership on restructuring initiatives, what position should the 
GA take?  

"I would encourage NCDNHC members not to waste their time submitting comments 
to this particular process.  The degree to which ICANN will be restructured 
is now in the hands of the US Government and wider political forces. A great 
deal of behind the scenes activity is underway now; ICANN itself is widely 
perceived as a failure.

A Board committee is not the forum in which these decisions should or will be 
made. The Board itself, which under the Lynn plan would be able to perpetuate 
itself by self-selecting its replacements in perpetuity, has a bit of a 
conflict of 
interest in reviewing other proposals, which is why the results of this 
particular exercise will not have much significance.

ICANN management and its dominant Board faction has made it clear what it 
wants (the Lynn plan). The Board has
indicated that it is willing to ignore its own hand-picked ALSC, which 
consumed hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it
is more than willing to ignore the DNSO (.org, .info country reservations, 
etc., etc.) Why do you think it will be any 
different this time?

I see no reason to expend any effort on this."


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