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[ga] Re: Abusing consensus in the Tranfers TF


Let's be clear about this... You seek to have the TF wrap up its business 
within one month and adopt your proposal even though there has been no effort 
made within the TF to seek the views of those that would be impacted by your 
proposed policy.  There has been no call for alternate proposals, no outreach 
conducted, and no attempt to formally involve the registrant community.  In 
spite of a teleconference devoted to the topic of apparent authority, there 
has been no Task Force language adopted to clarify that which constitutes 
apparent authority within the ICANN process.  On list, there has been no 
dialogue whatsoever between task force members other than you and Marilyn in 
the last month, and the new representatives from the NCDNHC haven't yet even 
entered into the TF to participate (and will surely require a fair amount of 
time to rise to the challenge imposed by the learning curve in this subject 

You argue that:  "The work of this task force thus far has focused on points 
number 1 through 5 in the Final Terms of Reference document tabled by our 
chairperson on December 4, 2001" and you now seek to move right on to the 
concluding point six.  Let me remind you of points 3 and 4:

3. Identify any issues not yet fully addressed by the Registrar's document 
and develop appropriate task force processes to ensure that these outstanding 
areas are addressed in a timely manner that reflects the input of all 
affected stakeholders;
4. Develop effective mechanism to take input from registrants (across all 
sectors-individuals, non commercial, government, corporate, other) for 
initial validation of concerns regarding impact of transfers on registrants;  
ensure documentation of such outreach; including requesting substantive 
submissions from those who may be affected; 

Prove to me that you have focused on these points.  If you can substantiate 
TF activities in compliance with these points then I will concur that you are 
ready to move on, otherwise it is wholly inappropriate behavior to move to 
closure of the TF process by April 30.
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