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RE: [ga] Abusing consensus in the Transfers TF

According to Ross, we can quickly move past the need to hear from
because, "In the year that I have been working this issue, I have not seen
any dissonance with the goals of Registrars vis-a-vis Registrants."


False. As a Registrant, I provided feedback to the Registrars through Ross
Radar over a period of time before this final paper was published, and in
particular objected to the proposed clause relating to the Registrar's
ability to conduct a bankruptcy search on the Registrant, that allows the
Registrar to deny a transfer for this reason, notwithstanding that the
Registrars have no clue how to conduct a bankruptcy search in every nation
on the globe. Furthermore, not one single person in the community has ever
stated any useful purpose for this clause. This is a matter of invasion of
privacy that I doubt any Registrant would voluntarily agree, yet is being
completely overlooked by the Registrars.

Secondly, I made stringent efforts to be included on this task force as a
Registrant representative, mindful to ensure the Registrant community was
included in deliberations, but was thrown off (literally) by Marilyn Cade,
who silenced my voice by denying my posting privileges. Some time later, a
GA Representative was appointed, since when there has been no work done.

These are the facts.


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