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[ga] Abusing consensus in the Transfers TF

According to the archives of the Business Constituency, Ross Rader made a 
presentation to the BC on the issue of Transfers in Marina del Rey and "The 
BC expressed support for the proposed solution to this problem and directed 
its representative to the Names Council transfers TF (Marilyn Cade) to 
advocate this view."

That Marilyn pretends to be a neutral Chair on this TF while being directed 
to advocate a particular solution comes as no surprise to anyone, nor were we 
surprised when Ross was the first to nominate Marilyn as Chair for the 
Transfers TF.  But now Ross, who tells us in the Heathrow Declaration that 
"Consensus-based decision-making may not always be appropriate where 
commercial interests conflict," declares that "Unless there is an alternate 
proposal that provides the depth, roots in consensus and clarity that the 
Registrar position has, it is our preference that we move to closure and 
recommendation back to the NC before April 30th, 2002."  

According to Ross, we can quickly move past the need to hear from registrants 
because, "In the year that I have been working this issue, I have not seen 
any dissonance with the goals of Registrars vis-a-vis Registrants."  

What we are looking at is an attempt to railroad process, and to impose a 
solution that these two parties have mutually pre-agreed upon.  

There has been no respect for the consensus process within this TF since the 
day that it was formed.  The views of potentially impacted parties have not 
been solicited, registrants are not represented in the TF, and absolutely no 
outreach has been conducted.  Discussion among list members has been at a 
bare minimum, and Ross's portrayal of the September Inter-Registrar Transfers 
Document as a product of consensus among the registrars is a contention 
subject to dispute.

So that there be no ambiguity, I call on the Chair of this TF to clearly 
state in writing for the benefit of her TF membership exactly what the 
requirements are for consensus within the ICANN process, and to detail 
exactly how her TF will proceed to honor such requirements.  

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