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[ga] Is there a third consensus ?

I asked yesterday if everyone agreed (consensus) that the resolution of the 
situation created by:

- our consensus that Lynn's evaluation of the inability of the ICANN to 
currentrly fullfil its mission is correct

- our consensus that Lynn's propositions are inadequate

can only result from a consensus of the Internet Community and needs it to 

None has objected yet. Please speak-up now if you object. You will kill the 
ICANN but you will save our time.

I will repeat that request until tomorrow. If none seriously object I will 
consider there is a consensus on that need.

I will then ask if there is a consensus on a working method to reach such a 
consensus. I will also dedicate a site and some time to the organization of 
that method which has to be very very light and simple and respect but 
present the work carried by committees.

Otherwise I will dedicate that time to the building of a community 
alternative solution to the ICANN. IMHO we still are in a position to save 
the ICANN, but there are enough forces on the move for the window to close 
this WE.

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