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Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

Sotiris and William,

[cc list cut]
>Not only were you proven WRONG about Joanna's statements
>(wrong is actually the incorrect term, you were being
>intentionally misleading as per your tactics on these
>lists), but you are definitely WRONG here.  Alexander
>Svensson has shown everyone how "inclusive" minded he is
>by handing out an excessive two month suspension from the
>GA list to Jeff Williams for exceeding a posting limit!
>Whatever else he may be, Mr. Svennson has shown us he is
>not inclusive minded, and therefore not the sort of
>staffer the AtLarge requires, I'm afraid...  Furthermore,
>if Mz. Dyson wishes to manipulate the AtLarge by attaching
>strings to her pledge of financial support (i.e. the
>unilateral appointment of A. Svennson by herself) then
>we're better off without her "challenge" and its
>condition(s).  Self-determination is the only way for the
>AtLarge to proceed.  Mz. Dyson and her ALSC are part of
>the problem(s) and NOT the solution(s).  Too bad for Alex
>that he was associated with her in this context.  If she
>had some tact, she'd have let someone else nominate him.
>But, she jumped the gun and got the (dis)credit she

At this point in time, I don't think it is useful to determine who is right 
and who is wrong in interpreting Joanna's words.
Esther has asked whether Joanna would accept the position.
From my part, before providing an opinion, I would like to have her answer 
to a simple question: "AtLarge membership and eligibility to office will be 
open to any individual, with no additional restriction versus the set of 
rules given for the 2002 AtLarge elections. Agree/Disagree?"

As for Alexander's decision about suspension, either we believe that he has 
applied the rules, including the one increasing the duration of the 
suspension for repeated offense, and therefore we stop complaining, or we 
point out which rule has been misapplied, and we appeal to the Chair for 

Best regards

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