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Re: [ga] Thankfullness and gratitude

No way man. It is child love.  And yes it does cost me plenty.  I do not
sleep at
night and I travel literally 250k miles a year.  I am a Lay Eucharistic
Minister. I
spend every dollar I make on "child support".  And i am an  anti
materialist.  I do
not make a dime but my children are supported in school.  And my own
contribute through hard work to those funds.  Strange as it may seem
there are those
of us out here like that.
We love others and give our best to help them.
Work hard Don, and I thank you for your caring

(oh and by the way I found your comment very funny and completely non-

Let us kick some BoD ass!!


Don Brown wrote:

> Sounds like a lot of child support . . .
> Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 10:18:41 PM, cis@hi-tek.com.vn <cis@hi-tek.com.vn> wrote:
> chtcv> I am very thankful to all of you people that for whatever reason
> chtcv> contribute so much to making this work.
> chtcv> Maybe ICANN is irreparable and maybe it is not.  But through the
> chtcv> bickering and hollering and great works you are all laying a glorious
> chtcv> foundation that will make this system work.  Your contributions are
> chtcv> varied and your points of view beyond borders, but you all work together
> chtcv> to create common decency, a net for all.
> chtcv> Even though as my critics so well point out I have no right at
> chtcv> representation, I do thank you on behalf of my children, and I include
> chtcv> in that my extended family from Paris to Hanoi, Mexico City to Beirut,
> chtcv> Tibet to Seoul.
> chtcv> Together we will make this a better world.
> chtcv> Eric
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