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RE: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

From: William X Walsh
Joanna won't deny what I said either, as I know she stands by her
views and doesn't deny them later when it may not suit her.   She made
it clear that the she felt that those who participate in other aspects
of ICANN should not be joining the At Large.  The message was clear,
and plainly spelled it out.

Dear William,
Obviously not. Please refer to
Since this was posted on March 2nd, before Accra, it refers to Lynn's
proposal in different terms than I would do now.

ICANN's own Bylaws make the position clear with respect to individuals who
may seek elected, representative positions in the At Large, while holding
office in other parts of ICANN at the same time, in fact, it would be
prohibited. The At Large Charter should reflect this, with possible
amendments to cover new terminology in the event the Lynn proposal is


No person shall serve simultaneously as (i) a member of any Supporting
Organization Council or other body that is directly responsible for the
selection of Directors by that Supporting Organization and (ii) a Director
or a member of any other Supporting Organization Council. If a member of any
such Supporting Organization Council or such other body accepts a nomination
to be considered to serve on the Board, such member shall not, following
such acceptance, participate in any discussion of, or vote by, such
Supporting Organization Council or other body relating to the selection of
Directors by such Council or other body.

Both Marilyn Cade and Ken Stubbs are members of the Names Council and at the
time, the At Large was being discussed as another Supporting Organization
working alongside the DNSO, hence the need to restate the "Eligibility"
section of the Bylaws.

Your insults are harmless, but what I do think you have demonstrated very
nicely for us is the value of a Forum as a repository for substantive
documents, and as a deterrent to mischievous manipulations of the mailing
list archives.


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